• Life

    Oh I Do Like to Be Beside The Seaside

    I run into the nearest shop, put on my best pleading face and say "can you help me please?! My phone is rubbish, it won't let me pay for parking and they've sealed the card reader off!" And bloody hell…

  • Life

    Its Absolute Gobbledygook

    I chose an Ad plugin for this site the other day. Picked the one at the top of the list with 5/5 stars, that’ll do. Open it up and ….not a word mate, can’t understand a word of it. Codes…

  • Life

    My First Ever Blogpost…..

    That I haven’t had time to customise yet. Will make it all pretty soon. Maybe. But the words need to come out first! WHAT.A.MORNING My friend has MS and her son, aged 9, has Down Syndrome. She goes to the…

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