Part 2: Update on the Drama

Sure if you’ve read Part 1 you’re on the edge of your seat waiting for the update. Possibly. Okay, maybe not, but here goes.

The morning after I spoke to mother I texted cousin’s wife again. ‘I don’t know what happened your end, but its madness here’.

Then got a text from cousin. “Hi Joy, I’ve not blocked you, where did you get that from? I’m away filming at the moment and have bad signal, hope you’re well.” I replied saying mother said you got my message on film set and panicked thinking something awful had happened to your mum, she told you to block me & that I’m not allowed to contact you again.

[Just need to intercept here and tell you that growing up from a very young age my cousin meant everything to me. I adored him. As soon as we would go to his house I knew I was free and would go unnoticed running around having fun & getting up to mischief. He always made me laugh.]

You can imagine when mother said she told him to block my number that killed me. Who does that?! Who asks another family member to block another based on a lie that SHE told?! Well turns out she didn’t.

He texted again: “Absolute nonsense. The old ladies need to stop cooking up drama”. Then said we’ll stay in touch and keep each other updated without them.

This might all sound like really childish stuff to you but my intentions are always pure, genuinely always want to help. This wasn’t tittle tattle spreading rumours. I wanted to know for sure if she had dementia so I could offer help. And thankfully he knows that. Shame mother doesn’t. But ah well, never mind.

Tomorrow’s blog: Part 3, The Early Years

Don’t let me forget to write it? Thanks!

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