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I love Jen. She always seem full of boundless and positive energy. Smart, funny, witty and on and on. She’s a wife and mother to two young nippers and somehow manages to find time to create her sweary pieces.

Jen, first of all, how do you find the time?!
I started out when my husband was working away and I needed something to occupy my mind with in the evenings that didn’t involve a screen. With lockdown he’s home allllll day everyday, so I take some me time when our youngest is napping and I do some in the evenings when we’re watching a film-stops me falling asleep in the middle!

What inspired you to make the earrings with ummm, such ‘catchy’ slogans?!
It started with the cross stitch, I hadn’t realised just how popular really sweary things could be, so I thought I’d test the water with sweary earrings and used the same words that were most popular on cross stitch.

You’re selling people something unique, a teeny bit edgy, guaranteed to make the recipient smile upon opening. What makes you smile?
It might sound contrived but my boys make me smile, watching them grow and all their funny quirks. I love the beach, so seaside holidays always make me smile, and a warm summer’s evening drinking a glass of something refreshing on the patio with my husband!

I know you do your cross-stitch on demand. What’s the weirdest one you’ve put in the post?
“Have you seen that cunt goggles?”I daren’t ask, I just sew and post!

What have you framed and adorned your own walls with?
Most of my walls are taken up with family pictures, my parents, grandparents and the boys. I have 2 canvasses of the ocean and a picture by Ben Cameron which is a representation of our family.

Do you think cross-stitch is a dying art and needs to be kept alive?
I would have thought so, but actually, most of my friends do it, including one who’s 29, which is young in my eyes!
It definitely needs to be kept alive but I don’t think a concerted effort needs to be made, it seems quite organic as a hobby that continues through the generations. I’ve also found since I started sharing my pieces that lots of my online friends are into it, I think it’s a secret hobby that people just don’t talk about!

Fireman Sam or Peppa Pig?
Fireman Sam every day of the week. There’s some humour in there for the adults, a bit of fire safety education for the kids and they use proper words. That pig gets on my ****ing ***s!!

Can you think of any more stupid questions?!
I have lots of stupid questions in my head. Not sure they’re relevant to this. I always wondered why leeks are lacking in flavour compared to their other oniony relatives though!

Thanks Jen!

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